And that's damn near the only time I ever hear from him. He IMs me with something like "I need to talk to you about says you're in a meeting, are you sharing your screen?" and I'm thinking "oh shit what did I do??" and then he's all "So I'm trying to get you more money..." :D

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Every couple months I get an IM from my manager along the lines of "Hey, I'm trying to get you a raise again." Usually it gets stopped somewhere in upper management but this round sounds promising! But like...shit man, I ain't even asking!

Granted, he did promise to do that when I took the job (salary was limited by some bureaucracy about moving contractors), but shit that was two years ago and he's still going for it, in a company where most promises last a day at most. This guy is awesome :)

TFW the dev team says it's not possible to independently test a certain service and you don't have any real documentation on what it does but you've still gotta write the damn test anyway....

And when you dig through the logs the error messages are such helpful things as "Processing failed, please try again" or "General exception occurred".

"At 5.27pm on that day, a police helicopter flew over the Move premises and dropped on to its roof a bomb consisting of C-4 plastic explosives.

"At the same time, Philadelphia police fired over 10,000 rounds of ammunition at the house in which children were known to be present...

"Apart from the 11 who died, some 61 houses were razed to the ground and 250 people left homeless"

Philadelphia holds day of remembrance for 1985 Move bombing that left 11 dead | The Guardian

So Cheezburger's "There, I Fixed It" site hasn't had a new post in like five years, they just randomize the order of the list every day, and I'm pretty sure I've seen all of them many times by now...but I still check that site like ten times a day because the list of websites I cycle through when I'm bored hasn't changed in a decade.

...well that's just not how gears work at all...

I really need to get better at the whole figuring out measurements for 3d printing thing. Or at least printing the gears first, THEN the gearbox...

Live TODAY at 7pm GMT+1 / 2pm EDT

Free Software: the Foundation of Freedom in Your Computing - May 10, 2021

....well this doesn't look good...I maybe haven't seen enough details of what's going on over there but this reads to me like the far right is threatening a goddamn military coup...

French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter - BBC News

Yeah, I don't necessarily wear it outside with nobody around (esp. in winter, fogs up my glasses, I've walked into poles...took my glasses off...and walked into another eyes are REALLY bad lol) but I do enjoy them in general. I've always basically wanted to be walking around in a mini space suit anyway -- it's 2021! How are we still so constrained by nature! Masks are just one step towards a future of personal sterile microclimates!

Parents not watching their children, exploitative companies shamelessly take advantage of it because nobody is watching them either, and people reward both of those by throwing thousands of dollars at the corporation and calling it charity. And everyone involved in creating the problem gets a big payday. Fucking christ....

4-year-old hacks mom's Amazon Prime account and orders 51 boxes of SpongeBob SquarePants Popsicles - CNN

They say the only reason they were interacting with this man was to "prevent him from injuring himself". I guess technically he can't injure himself if they kill him first...?

Investigation underway after man dies following interaction with Providence officers |

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