So my apartment still has coin operated laundry machines. I have three banks and none of them can give me quarters, and *even the fucking US Mint* seems to be out of stock at the moment...what the fuck, I thought the whole coin shortage thing was over months ago??

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Same here (Canada). Can't understand why they don't have card readers attached to the machines in my Condo. I rarely carry cash, hence have little change in the pocket at any time.

@marathon My old place had card readers, but the average age of the residents here is probably somewhere over seventy so they might still prefer the coins lol

Yeah, probably, although I'm in that age group too and think differently. 🤓

@marathon Yeah, I hit your profile and figured you might be shortly after I posted that, but hey you're on Mastodon so you're clearly above average in tech skills :)

True, don't forget that my generation brought the computer to the masses. A good portion of us are quite 'puter literate. You younger folk have improved things considerably, however! 😉


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