Thinking of making a T-shirt....lmao
(Forgive the blur, it's something with LineageOS that I can't be bothered to fix)

(It was also originally the "thin red line" and referred to THE FUCKING BRITISH! Goddamn modern day Royalists...and they all claim to be so goddamn patriotic...)

On the left, a typical set of virtual Android navigation buttons. On the right, some weird fuckin glitch that just happened to my phone.

Fuckin christ, I don't care if the buttons are capacitive and sitting under the same pane of glass, but can we please go back to REAL buttons? Some things should not be allowed to crash or be corrupted by misbehaving apps...

Well damn...OK I guess you have a good excuse *this time* lol (I cannot find any news about it so I presume it must be a fairly minor incident?)

Having one of those "My life may be a mess, but if I could show my thirteen year old self a photo of my desk he'd be super proud" moments.... xD

...who remembers dreaming of all the crazy shit we could do if we could have a computer with the goddamn *internet* right in our fuckin pockets??? How fuckin disappointing is THAT reality?

...well that's just not how gears work at all...

I really need to get better at the whole figuring out measurements for 3d printing thing. Or at least printing the gears first, THEN the gearbox...

There was some...collateral damage in the war against THAT INFERNAL FUCKING BEEPING!

But this resistance was ultimately unsuccessful -- the target has been located and will soon be eradicated from the circuit board! Unfortunately that may not be the only piece missing when it goes back together...stupid plastic clips...

Just a public "thank you" to whoever has been posting these all around Woonsocket....

(Mild) sexual / NSFW text (photo is fine) 

Cardboard box acquired
(Plus some size reducing soldering)

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(Mild) sexual / NSFW text (photo is fine) 

Playing with the protocol again. That little LED laying on the keyboard is my test "butt plug" device, PWM-ing at a rate set from the "Buttplug Playground" site. It works! All I need is a cardboard box and my homemade internet-enabled dildo will be complete xD

A cop gets hit by a car, it's the top story and gets big BREAKING NEWS banners all day long. A cop murders two people with no justification and it gets buried in a small blurb near the bottom of the page. Fucking fascists.

So this Mastodon server is on a VPS just in case I say anything that pisses someone off too much...but the rest of my literal garbage infrastructure lives here:

(I don't recommend this setup. It seemed like a good idea at the time...)


Experimental (currently personal) Mastodon server for exploration of the fediverse. If you aren't familiar with Mastodon yet, try Invite-only at the moment; I may accept requests to join this server, but be aware that I make ZERO promises about uptime, accessibility, or data preservation on this server. I'll try to be polite about it, but as long as this message is present there is a significant possibility that I'll have to nuke your profile at some point. (Basically I don't know if it's going to stay on this host and I'm not sure how painful migration would be)