Even the cops themselves are starting to officially recognize that the best cop is one who isn't actually working:

Police Union Gives 'Officer Of The Year' Award To A Cop Who Spent Last Year Suspended | Techdirt

Can we please keep the Olympics an the fucking sports section where it fucking belongs? Some dude running fast is really not world news! Fuck!

This shit is worse that April Fools....at least that's only one day...

So just an FYI, if anyone's still procrastinating on getting a vaccine as I did, know that J&J's at least does have hallucinations as a possible (apparently rare) side-effect. They should probably tell more people about that one. Nothing extreme, but my shoes just damn near gave me a heart attack by briefly becoming a cat....

At this point I'd be shocked to find the CDC giving correct information about a single pharmacy anywhere in the entire goddamn country...

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So I've been emailing the CDC for months about how wildly inaccurate their vaccine finder is. And I know they got them because I got replies. And they finally changed it -- they made it even worse. Literally the only pharmacy that had the J&J vaccine in stock is the only one that they claim doesn't. As far as I can tell, they're providing blatantly false information about *EVERY DAMN PHARMACY IN THE ENTIRE STATE!* Plus dozens (at least) over the border. How the fuck is that at all helpful...?

Well damn...OK I guess you have a good excuse *this time* lol (I cannot find any news about it so I presume it must be a fairly minor incident?)

Between the FTC's right to repair decision, major news sites getting covered in porn because of their own idiotic advertising strategies, and another big CDN outage...I'd say it's been a pretty good week for the liberated web lol :)

Lmao...this is one (of many!) good reason why you don't want to embed a fuckton of third-party content all over your site...

HARDCORE PORN proliferates across Washington Post, TEEN VOGUE, and others after X-rated site takes over video hosting domain — RT World News

I do not understand how shipping tracking systems are so dumb. I do not believe that something is going to be delivered between 12:30pm and 3:30pm today if it's already 6pm and it was never even marked as out for delivery. And when you tell me at 9pm that it's coming tomorrow when it's still a few hundred miles away with standard ground shipping, it's clearly bullshit! *I* know that's not how you operate, so why doesn't your tracking system??

This particular model year apparently *always* develops leaks from a faulty sunroof seal. And also *always* from faulty sunroof drain ports. And *always* into the frame through a faulty joint under the hood. And under the windshield due to faulty seals. And around the doors due to *other* faulty seals. And from faulty A/C drains. And on and on....at this point I just wanna know what parts of this vehicle *don't* routinely leak water....

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So my girlfriend's jeep is leaking water. Watched a couple videos, thought I knew what was going on. Watched a couple more, found some other plausible culprits. Read a little more, and at this point...the only thing I have any certainty of is that Jeep doesn't have a FUCKING CLUE how to build a goddamn car...


Just recently discovered both that the ACLU has a podcast, and that Soundcloud has RSS feeds. Both good to know :)

The facts are atrocious but the comments are gold xD

Five Palo Alto Cops Sue The City And Their PD, Claiming A Black Lives Matter Mural Harassed Them | Techdirt

"We can't figure out why this shell script won't run! Help!"

*opens the script*
"....um, guys....this 'shell script' is a csv file..."

Two separate people whose job is to test and triage these shell scripts tried to run it and did not figure that out....
(and it is *not* my job...hasn't been for about two years now...)

Talked to a few more people who contradicted the first couple people but still have no idea why this thing is failing. So far we've basically concluded with "maybe someone at offshore knows because nobody here does"

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This project is so disorganized I found a defect yesterday and I've talked to four people since then and still don't even know who to report the defect to...getting sent to people who are no longer with the company, or are no longer assigned to this project, or are assigned to a different part of the project and have no idea what's going on with this part or who still works on it (I'm honestly not sure *anybody* does at this point...)

....So what's the current status of Wayland? Is it worth trying to figure out why I can't set a keyboard layout in Enlightenment or should I just dump it and go back to Xorg? lol

Fucking Christ, why are Linux devs suddenly trying to mimic the user experience of Windows from the 90s? What the fuck is with nothing being in repos anymore and everyone expecting you to download four random executables from three websites I've never heard of before just to slightly alter the configuration of the damn window manager?!?

Fuck this, my media center is no longer gonna use a stock Fedora install, because fuck this shit and fuck Gnome..time to go all-in on Enlightenment.

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