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Why TF doesn't Mastodon enable controls by default on video posts?

...and why does it say 'GIF' in the corner and then serve me an MP4??

So the police say they did nothing wrong when they executed an innocent man who they themselves call a "hero". Fucking brilliant. It'd be great if the people who volunteer to risk their lives "to protect people" weren't constantly murdering those people in order to protect themselves...

Police: Man who shot Colorado gunman was killed by officer |

Having one of those "My life may be a mess, but if I could show my thirteen year old self a photo of my desk he'd be super proud" moments.... xD

...who remembers dreaming of all the crazy shit we could do if we could have a computer with the goddamn *internet* right in our fuckin pockets??? How fuckin disappointing is THAT reality?

They all wanna be soldiers until they're deployed into hostile territory...

I find all these articles about the cops having trouble hiring all over the country to be quite promising... :)

CNN spent two nights on patrol with the NYPD. Here's what they told us about spiking crime in the city - CNN

This has been going on for YEARS. The US has high gun violence not due to a prevalence of guns but a prevalence of people desperate enough to think homicide is the only answer. Countries in Europe with less violence and gun bans tend to ALSO have strong social welfare programs. When you ban guns but leave the despair, you get this:

As America struggles with gun violence, China faces its own public safety threat: mass stabbings - CNN

Sorry for the twit link but this is hilarious:

Dan Hett on Twitter: "the best thing to happen during the internet outage is The Verge trying to use Google Docs, leaving editing on, and creating a piece of accidental net art" / Twitter

This is why monocultures are bad.

Add to this list the BBC, the EFF, and CNN. RT is the only news site I've found that's still up. Everything else I've tried gives a Varnish cache error...

Major outage: Users report major sites down, including news outlets the Guardian, NYT & FT; Twitch, Reddit & GitHub also affected — RT World News

So I come outside to find the interior lights aren't turning off in my car -- faulty door sensor probably, thankfully the battery wasn't dead yet. Then I hit a curb in a poorly lit parking lot and blew a tire. So now it's sitting in my lot on a spare tire with a disconnected battery in the hopes that I'll be able to limp in to a shop avoiding a tow. And did I mention my mother is visiting this weekend?

...pretty much on fucking par with the rest of this goddamn week... at the same time that we should be guarding against a risk of increased asymptomatic transmission, we tell everyone to take their masks off and go jump in a crowd and live like it's 2019 again. Because it makes the politicians look good. Fucking idiots, all of you...vaccines plus masks could have wiped this out, instead it's probably going to be sticking around forever and anyone who has legitimate reason why they can't be vaccinated is just fucked. Including a ton of children probably.

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Of course it's still spreading. The current "solution" is practically DESIGNED to let it keep spreading. When you see the vaccines promising to be 80-90% effective, pay attention to WHAT they are effective at doing. It's not an 80-90% reduction in infection; it's an 80-90% reduction in *hospitalization*. It increases the likelihood of asymptomatic cases... (cont'd in reply)

Covid outbreak at my children’s school makes me fear we’re complacent | Coronavirus | The Guardian

FL shooting 

On a related note...are they gonna charge that homeowner with some form of negligence or have we decided that letting twelve year olds have access to AK-47s is all perfectly acceptable now?

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FL shooting 

Seems like an inevitable outcome of the state government deciding to let private religious institutions take over essential public services...

A 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl broke into a home, found weapons and opened fire at deputies, sheriff says - CNN

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