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(More accurately, they seem to have been trying to kill people for wanting to carry the coffin rather than concealing it in a hearse -- all reports I'm finding indicate that while that wasn't part of the initial warning, that change is the moment they stopped beating the shit out of people and let the funeral proceed. All these reports also indicate that Israeli forces instigated the violence the moment the gates were opened, before the funeral procession had even begun, with no justification.)

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Not content to commit war crimes by targeted killings of journalists; the sons of bitches have to even attack the damn pallbearers at the funeral with tear gas and batons! Why? They say they instigated the violence because they had warned the funeral organizers against having flags and were not obeyed. Fucking FLAGS. THEY WANT PEOPLE DEAD OVER A GODDAMN PIECE OF FABRIC!

Photos: Israeli forces attack Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral | Gallery News | Al Jazeera

I think UPS providing live GPS tracking of your package was a fuckin mistake. It's like it's taunting me. Dude has been right across the fuckin street like five times already at least. Just watchin my package go around and around and around the block all day long, probably still won't get here for another hour or two...

Holy shit this was good. I fuckin love Nebula...the shit I used to randomly stumble across on YouTube would be like robot voices reading reddit threads...the shit I randomly stumble across on Nebula is fucking EPIC.

The End Credits to Humanity | Nebula

Everyone cheering about Musk bringing "free speech" to Twitter while he says in interviews that his top priority will be banning people who post content he doesn't like...lmfao

Elon Musk Demonstrates How Little He Understands About Content Moderation | Techdirt

People at work that I have never met and never worked with who work in completely different departments are now messaging me asking for help writing code in languages I have never used before. Apparently I have a reputation?

And hey, I manage to figure that shit out...but I mean if you can't figure out how to make your C# website fire an onsubmit event mayyybe you shouldn't be doing that work on your own

(I suspect half these people just don't want their team to know they need help)

Amazon customer service sent me to the 'report unwanted package' page...and I mean these weren't exactly "unwanted" but I'm sure as shit submitting a bunch of those anyway...what are they gonna do, ban me?? :D

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Anyone know how to get my home address banned by Amazon? I'm sooo fucking sick of these drop-shipping scumbags trying to give Amazon my money!

‘Loud. Proud. Still allowed’: New York’s mayor urges LGBTQ+ Floridians to move to city | Florida | The Guardian

Guy at work: "Hey, you know Javascript right?"
Me: "...yeah, what's up" (while thinking: 'you definitely do not work with Javascript so wtf is this...?')
Guy at work: "Can you help [person I've never met] with some Javascript issue?"
Me: "Yeah sure, I'll take a look"
Person I've never met: Proceeds to show me a whooole bunch of C# code...that they seem to have zero understanding of...including what language it was...


Oh yay, the scumbags are attacking each other

Facebook owner reportedly paid Republican firm to push message TikTok is ‘the real threat’ | TikTok | The Guardian

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