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Thinking of making a T-shirt....lmao
(Forgive the blur, it's something with LineageOS that I can't be bothered to fix)

(It was also originally the "thin red line" and referred to THE FUCKING BRITISH! Goddamn modern day Royalists...and they all claim to be so goddamn patriotic...)

Spent a few days with prod support asking why code in our PT environment doesn't match prod (code that I do not have ANY access to in the SVN and read-only access to in our, not code I'm even supposed to deal with) only to find out today that PROD DOESN'T MATCH THE SVN EITHER CAUSE *EVERYONE* IS JUST HARDCODING CHANGES INTO THE LIVE SCRIPTS!

"Is 'what people might think' more important than what really happened?"

The coach of a college football team has been forced to resign

Sometimes I run commands that don't exist just to use my bash history as a notepad...

bash: eta730: command not found

I guess I could at least use echo...but shit at that point why not just go all the way and open fuckin emacs?

Man, these fucks are asking me to figure out why code was deployed wrong back in January (yet is still working fine) and how to fix it so they can validate the new code for prod (which is NOT AT ALL what we have deployed in PT) in a code base that I DON'T EVEN HAVE READ ACCESS TO! Nor any documentation or description. But apparently the fact that I can reverse engineer a shell script makes me the best expert they have? God this company is a clusterfuck...thankfully, it's ten to five...

Oh hey I'm back. Man I really gotta get those cert updates fully automated. That or I gotta start caring enough about mastodon to do it? xD

(It's like halfassed automated now. Hopefully. We'll find out in a couple months!)

Current experiment: Virtualbox running a Proxmox server which is running a virtual pfSense firewall (and some other servers)...and I want the proxmox management interface to be on the pfSense LAN. Sounds simple enough...but I've been struggling with this network configuration for this point I've got four virtual NICs, one is basically acting as a patch cable plugging the server into itself...but I still cannot get proxmox to cooperate...

So one of our internal corporate websites won't load properly on my corporate laptop. Nothing I really *need*, but I submitted a support ticket figuring they should probably get that fixed. They told me I need to upgrade the browser -- the browser that is installed and managed by corporate IT, that I legitimately would be fired for trying to upgrade myself, that these guys just installed on my system only two weeks ago, and that they have no mechanism for requesting an upgrade of...

They say if you answer spam phone calls it doesn't help because now they know the number is good. But if you let it go to voicemail, they still know the number is good. So instead I now answer on mute and then just mash the keypad. Longest anyone has stayed on the line so far was four seconds. Feels like the number of calls is decreasing lately too but hard to know...

Easier and probably more annoying than yelling at them, and with any luck they think it's a machine and take me off their list!

In theory, the thing I'm working on does have rather extensive documentation, with a ton of flowcharts, including pages and pages flagged as "OBSOLETE"... but of course the part that's broken isn't fuckin in there...

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I use /proc/*/cwd WAY too often at work...because nobody documents FUCKING ANYTHING around here, so when shit doesn't work you find the responsible process on another environment and use the cwd to figure out where the hell the code is located...or at least that's how I do it, rather than just asking dozens of people until you get lucky and one of them remembers...IHTFP...

When your reps are getting thanks from's long past time to vote in someone else.

Bezos thanks Manchin

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